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This is a list of rules that every member of our guild should follow. Not following these rules can lead to being punished.

The thread will be updated regularly so please check them out once in a while.

*Rules regarding donations, taxes and events will be added later*

1. Be active as much as you can. (Log in and try to be active in chat as well, so we see you are active in the guild.)

2. Use the guild website. By using the guild website is not only registering, but using and contributing to the site and the forums. The guild website holds much helpful information about every aspect of the game and is also a good place to stay in touch outside the game or when the game is down.

Being active on the site will also be take into consideration for promotions.

3. If you can't log in for a certain amount of time, use the guild forum to let us know. (Officers decide on the absence period of time for trials, members and veterans.)

Also prestige, loyalty and site activity are taken into consideration here.

4. Do your guild dailies, the guild requires prestige in order to progress.

5. We are an english speaking guild, so speak english.

6. Respect fellow guild members and players outside the guild. Guild reputation is in your hands and every person you meet might be your new guildie.

7. Guild recruitment; If you are a member and you notice a potential member, let an officer know the name and why do you think that person might be a good adition to the guild, and the officer will take it from there. Active recruitment officers are Anonymswe and Veezo. If both officers are offline, any officer can take over.

8. When doing dungeons / heroics / a1 / a2 together as a guild, please roll /greed if you can't or don't intend to use the item and let the group leader roll need on the greeded item, so either the item at hand or the gold from it (if the item is bound on pickup) will be mailed to Grannie for guild money.

9. If there are any issues / arguments - let an officer know. The guild councellor is Shannie. If Shannie is offline, speak with an officer online to take care of the issue. Private arguments should be kept in private - aka in whisper, but please use the officers to fix any such issues.
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